Research and dissemination of green culture and biodiversity.

A Green Yard where innovative projects capable of linking urban development and respect for the environment with a view to sustainability can be developed and perfected.

Today, society is faced with increasingly demanding socio-economic challenges, and never before have needs and difficulties become more uniform on a planetary level than during the Covid emergency.

The importance of safeguarding natural resources has been reinforced, and the importance of the green economy has been consolidated: reviving the economy while respecting the environment is not just a momentary need but has become a concrete goal for the future.

The future will be today’s young people, who are an integral part of this paradigm shift.

There is a need for educational action aimed at making young people aware of respect for the environment and the life forms that make it up. It is our task to provide them with the tools, technologies and knowledge to implement actions that will enable them to achieve their desired results and goals.

Participatory research, innovation, and vocational training are means that must be made available in order to reach real, well-defined goals, suitable for the survival of the planet and the evolution of a circular economy that can build a renewed balance.

What is needed, therefore, is a new model of development.

We activate “green work” through the use of innovative technologies, but with respect for environmental sustainability, through education, knowledge and deep awareness of the issue.

Vocational training will thus be considered, in a broader sense, as the best form of investment and protection of present and future workers, making them an added value for both companies and society as a whole. Thematic meetings on environmental sustainability, moments of insight and awareness will also be organized and developed in collaboration with local actors.

Biohabitat plans to promote activities, dedicated to younger people, aimed at the study of green culture. Our goal is to combine study and entertainment together in order to make the new generations passionate about topics that are fundamental for their future:

  • Vocational School
  • Workshops for young people
  • Teaching farm
  • Green-themed summer camps


There is a group of professionals who have been involved in the development of green technologies in Italy since the late 1990s by bringing together all the sectors involved, education, floriculture, agriculture, architecture, design, landscape, publishing, and art.

Since 2002, with the editorship of the series Costruire naturalmente (Building Naturally), operational manuals on hanging green, vertical green, and bio-pools in addition to the traditional manuals on green and bamboo constructions come out for the first time in Italy.

In 2004 the Scuola Superiore di Verde Pensile was born; from 2006 to 2009 the course of High Professional Training Expert in Sustainable Architecture with the Emilia Romagna Region; in 2008 with the school MAJA Nature & Architecture the first Italian operative courses on bamboo, straw, raw earth constructions in addition to training in technical and traditional green; in 2008 the international Nemeton High Green Tech Magazine was born, acting as a cultural catalyst to a path of fairs, exhibitions and events that travels all over Italy promoting the concrete integration between the culture of green and the culture of building, bringing green for the first time to the Milan Triennale in 2010 during the first High Green Tech Symposium, an annual event that brings together international professionals in green, landscape, architecture, design; from 2011 to the present the path of events has continued: the Vegetecture exhibition, the international design award Natural Born Object, and the Green Utopia Architettura Vegetale events are just some of the concrete actions that have brought together professionals and companies from different sectors around green.


In occasione dell’apertura di EDP – Eima Digital Preview, mercoledì 11 novembre p.v. sarà inaugurata la Scuola di Alta Formazione Nemeton, all’interno di un progetto ancora più ambizioso denominato Cantieri Verdi.

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Green Architecture – 24/03/21 dalle ore 15 alle ore 19

Assform in collaborazione con  Fondazione Biohabitat promuove questo seminario dedicato alla sostenibilità ambientale.

I temi trattati riguardano le tecniche del costruire ecocompatibile, l’utilizzo di materiali naturali e visto il sempre maggior interesse rivolto alla riduzione dei consumi e al controllo delle emissioni nell’ambiente, si parlerà di certifcazioni energetiche e delle normative con esperti del settore.

Causa limitazioni Covid, l’attività si svolgerà integralmente in videoconferenza, iscrizione gratuita, previsto rilascio crediti formatvi.

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